Freestyle BMX Racing

Just like any other competitive discipline, BMX racing has several styles and forms. One of the traditional biking techniques is referred to as Freestyle BMX. If you are unfamiliar with this style, then a comprehensive explanation is unveiled herein for you.
Freestyle BMX is one of the famous bicycle motocross stunts cycling on BMX bikes. It is an extreme sport derived from BMX racing and consists of other sub-disciplines, which will be mentioned later in this article.

It is not clear on the exact time when the above sport started. However, there is some documented evidence that shows that the game might have started some time back before the 1980s. It is believed that the photographic documentation of Todd Bank and Devin in 1974 riding BMX bikes on an 8-foot tall skateboard ramp was typically a Freestyle BMX performance. Besides that, in 1975, Devin Bank was documented on the street performing a-360 degrees freestyle BMX spinning tricks.

From 1980 onwards, freestyling BMX sport became extremely popular. In fact, in 1987, its popularity had reached the peak. During this time, the game progressed with new bicycle models being released as well as new accessories and components designed purposely for freestyle. Despite its quick growth, freestyle BMX racing suffered a setback in its commercial popularity in the early 1990s. During this period, most large companies terminated or reduced their investment in the sport. However, several initiatives and new-owned companies began to re-define the game based on their interests and needs. At the moment, the above game is very common among the younger generation, simply because of its high-energy requirement.

Freestyle BMX race sub-disciplines

As previously mentioned, freestyle BMX riders can participate on several sub-disciplines. As the name suggest, there are no specific rules to be followed, but a rider must demonstrate some form of incredible styles, skills, aesthetics, and creativity. Indeed, a freestyle BMX rider can show any of the following sub-disciplines:

BMX Park

Vertical ramp




Typically, freestyle BMX is more of entertainment than a competitive sport, which explains why it is performed during opening ceremonies, parties, national celebrations, and so on. BMX racing is one of the most exciting and spectacular sports in the current world. Indeed, who can ignore the interesting blend of intense competition, plenty of crazy crashes, big jumps, gigantic leaps, and spectacular tumbles?

Truth be told, it is one of those games that can take your breath away! As if that is not enough, hundreds of thousands of punters have been smiling their way to the bank after winning bets from several betting markets offering BMX racing odds.

BMX racing is a type of off-road bicycle racing event. The format of BMX race was partly derived from amazing features of motocross racing. In most cases, BMX racing is performed in a course track that has been specifically designed for the function.

The course includes rigorous obstacles such as berms, rollers, jumps, and so on. The above is a game for amateurs and professionals as well as men and women. Apart from being a competitive sport, it is considered as one of the incredible recreational events at the family level.