BMX Racing is the most popular off-road bicycle racing form

Typically, bicycle motocross is abbreviated as BMX (it is believed that the format of the above racing got its identity from motocross racing). BMX racing is a type of off-road bicycle racing that sees tens and hundreds of riders competing for the first place on a one-lap and specially designated BMX dirt tracks that features berms, jumps, and rollers before the finish line.

Currently, the sport of BMX racing is one of the most popular events in most towns and cities in Europe and other parts of the world. Some of the countries where BMX racing is common include Australia, France, U.S, Canada, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and much more. In fact, the sport is included in world-championship events, and many international, as well as regional sanctioning bodies, facilitate it.

Common BMX overseeing agencies include International Bicycle Motocross Federation (abbreviated as IBMXF), Fédération Internationale Amateur de Cyclisme (abbreviated as FIAC), and Union Cycliste Internationale (abbreviated as UCI). As a matter of fact, these bodies provide rules and regulations regarding age group of the riders, skill-level classifications among the cyclists, and much more.

Nowadays, apart from being a competitive sport, it is considered as a recreational activity and one of the incredible family oriented events, with cyclists ranging in age from 2 up to 70 years old. However, it is a sport for both men and women at the professional level, where the age ranges from 18 up to 40 years old.

BMX racing competition
BMX biking

BMX Racing Bikes


If you want to participate in the above sport, then it is inevitable that you have the right bicycle. In most cases, bikes used in this game are simple and easy to maintain. A 20-inch wheel bike is the typical full size racing BMX bicycle. This bike has a rear break and a single gear only.

Sometimes, the front break is allowed, but it is not necessary. It is the best bike for minors, and it is referred to as standard BMX bikes.
24-inch wheel, on the other hand, is an incredible bike popular with professional or older riders. Indeed, this bike provides is more stable than the former, and this explains it is ridden only in the cruiser racing category.

Betting relating to BMX Racing


As stated in the previous sections, BMX racing is one of the popular sport in many countries from around the globe.

As such, it is attracted tens and hundreds of betting markets and sportsbooks.

Therefore, if you can be able to predict who is going the winner a particular BMX racing event, then you can place a bet and smile your way to bankroll and incredible bonuses or betting promotions. If you are a betting punters for the above sport, then good luck!

BMX racing track features

As started in the previously, BMX tracks consists of all sorts of jumps, ranging from small rollers all to way to massive step-up doubles. Typically, BMX racing tracks are flat, about five meters wide and large banked corners designed to help riders maintain optimum speeds.

While there are pro-straights tracks for elite men and juniors, tracks for professionals and competitive events include a range of jumps such as: